Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journal Entry: The Dwarves of Tselestial

                The dwarves are the subject of my next entry.  Like the humans the dwarves are one of the original three races of Tselestial and, as far as we know, our world.  I do not know if dwarves live anywhere other than Tselestial.  I have not met any dwarves other than those who inhabit Tselestial.  I will attempt to keep my personal feelings out of this entry, but I must say that the dwarves are the noblest beings to inhabit this planet.  While small in stature, the tallest dwarves are slightly more than four feet in height, they embody goodness itself.  The dwarves have never harmed another being and live to craft.  Dwarves are known for crafting weapons, but they love to craft anything from almost any material.  Their craftsmanship has never been equaled.  The dwarves were also the original creators of enchanted weaponry.  Current craftsmanship and enchanted weapons are like a child’s plaything compared to what the dwarves can create.

                The dwarves were the head craftsmen of the ancient Drevnik society.    Both male and female Dwarves are expert blacksmiths and craftsmen with any type of ore, and the separation of responsibility among the males and females is practically nonexistent.    A common misunderstanding is that both male and female dwarves are bearded.  This is not the case.  Dwarves are naturally a resilient people, and built strong for their size.  Although they are very small, most dwarves are stronger than common humans.  Even though dwarven women are stocky they are in fact beautiful, even by the standards of other races.

The dwarves a communal people, and consider every dwarf a member of their family.  The dwarves value the individual, but understand the value of a community as a whole.  As a community the dwarves are guided by a chosen leader.  Because of their communal nature, their chosen leader is more of a guide and is chosen based upon their skill with crafting.  The world believes the dwarves to have disappeared into history, but I know otherwise.  The dwarves have been hidden from the world to protect them.  They have also been changed through manipulation of the elements, but that is a topic for another day.

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