Thursday, December 2, 2010

Journal Entry: Silver Dragons

Silver dragons are the smallest of the dragons, but they are fairly intelligent for Dragons.  Silver dragons are glad that they are so small compared to the other two types of Dragons, because they can hide easier, fly faster, and move quicker on the ground.  These dragons have horn like spikes on their tails.  They have eight spikes in all, two on top, two on bottom, and two on each side as well as one at the end of their tails.  These spike horns do not protrude far, but are sharp like swords and are used skillfully by silver dragons as weapons. 

Silver dragons would easily be characterized as good.  Silver Dragons cherish virtue and honor and justice and mercy.  They live as one community.  Silver dragons try to treat other races as fairly as they can, and try to be merciful in all their acts but are as protective of their kind as other dragons.  Silver dragons live in the Grove of the Ancients and make their nests among the trees or in hidden places throughout the forest.  Silver dragons choose one mate for life.  The older more experienced dragons make the general rules for their society, but they all participate in their community.  Silver dragons sometimes may take treasures, but only to give as a gift or to someone that is in need.  The other two types of dragons think that silver dragons are weak for their kindness, but silver dragons see their goodness as their strength.

For lack of a better way to describe the breath weapon of a silver dragon, I will say that it is like a sonic blast.  Unlike the other two types of dragons a younger silver dragon’s sonic breath is more powerful because they lack the experience and knowledge of how to limit it.  Once they learn how to control it it can knock opponents to the ground or come close to causing earth quakes.

Although silver dragons have been characterized as good, I would caution anyone who tries to seek them out.  Silver dragons have been hunted like white and black dragons.  If they feel threatened they will attack.  Do not be fooled by their smaller size.  Silver dragons are just as deadly as their black dragon cousins.

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