Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Journal Entry: The Elves of Tselestial

                I feel like it is time to make an entry about the elves.  The elves are not natives of Tselestial, at least not as they are today.  That story is for another time.  The elves came to Tselestial by boat about five thousand years ago.   I was the only one who knew where they came from.  When they arrived they organized themselves into four elven families.  These four elven families are: the Druids, Chaos Elves, Frost Elves, and Lost Elves.  Elves have enhanced eyesight, which means they can see in the dark as well as they can in daylight.  The elves are a beautiful people with pointed ears and thin angular faces.  The elves not only look different when compared to humans, but they also live longer.  They live for approximately three to four thousand years.  The elves are slender and about six to six and a half feet tall.  Even though they are slender and may appear fragile, they are very strong.  They are almost always stronger than humans. 

                Following are more detailed descriptions of each elven family.

Chaos Elves: 

The Chaos Elves have black hair and dark brown skin.  Their eyes are also brown.  The Chaos Elves moved to the southern end of the continent and because of the heat and searing sun found caves in dormant volcanoes and expanded them to make homes for themselves in the cooler regions underground.  The Chaos Elves named the main volcanic mountain in their domain Fire Mount.  Chaos Elves believe that anyone who doesn’t look like them is inferior and deserves to be subjugated.  They have convinced themselves that they are the rightful rulers of Tselestial and won’t stop until they attain their delusional rights and privileges.

The Chaos Elves created an Empire as their form of government and named their rulers the Emperor and Empress.  The strongest survive and the weakest die in their society.  Most Chaos Elves join the Mages Klan.  Fire is their preferred Element, but by command of their rulers some are forced to learn the other three Elements.  A very small amount of Chaos Elves join the Fighters Klan to provide protection to their home and prepare for their battle against the people of Tselestial.  Chaos Elves do not interact with anyone outside of their own kind if they do not have to.  Those in Klans are usually the only ones to interact with humans and other Elves.  Any other race or other type of elf that comes into contact with a Chaos Elf would immediately say they are arrogant, selfish, and power hungry.  The Chaos Elves are glad that the other races understand them perfectly.


                Those Druids want to live in harmony with the humans and coexist with them.  The Druids originally tried to live with the humans, but the humans weren’t ready for such integration.  The Druids decided to move to the forest that is called the Grove of the Ancients and from there they were able to live apart but still participate in the world and interact with the humans.  Druid men have golden hair and eyes and Druid women have silver hair and silver skin.  The Druids have fair skin and are the most appealing of the elven families to the humans. 

The Druids built their homes in the branches of the huge trees of the Grove of the Ancients.  The Druids formed cities in the trees that developed and grew over time.  This provides safety from predators and allows the Druids to live in harmony with the trees.  The Druids live as a community.   The Druid form of government is a council of elders who are usually fifteen hundred years or older.  The Druids decided the best way to coexist was to further integrate themselves into the society of Tselestial by joining as many Klans as they could to become a part of civilization.  Most Druid Mages study the Earth Element, but some do study the other three elements if they want to.  Most Druid Fighters Klan members are exceptionally skilled with the bow and arrow or staffs and maces, but of course if they advance to the rank of Weapons Master they are also skilled with other weapons.  The Druids as a whole are skilled at creating.  Their crafts made from wood are extremely sought after.  The Druids welcome all people among them, and only ask people to leave if they cause trouble.    The Druids are a good people, and wish to live in harmony with the other races and people of Tselestial.  The Druids are known for their kindness and light heartedness and are glad that people feel welcome in their cities.

Frost Elves: 

                The Frost Elves are a reclusive people.  The Frost Elves prefer to be apart from the world and civilization.  This is one of the main reasons why they chose to live in the frozen tundra of northern Tselestial.  They eventually settled in a valley that was naturally formed in the only mountain in the far northern reaches of the continent.  I aided their efforts by creating permanent clouds and a ball of fire that gave light and warmth to the valley.  This warmth allowed other life to live in the valley, but was unnecessary for the Frost Elves.  They are immune to hot and cold.  Their skin, hair, and eyes are all white.  Their appearance has been the basis for several frightening tales told to human children to scare them or convince them to do as they are told.

                The Frost Elves have a loose form of government.  They usually decide problems or matters amongst themselves.  They are not a very social people, even among themselves.  The Valley they live in is very large, and allows them to have one general city, where there is space between each home.   They take advantage of this space and keep mostly to themselves.  Frost Elves rarely congregate outside of their immediate families, unless they have business with another Frost Elf.  Frost Elves have a judge, that they call Tsar, that judges between two people if they can not come to a decision between themselves.  This is rare, and so the Tsar usually does nothing.  Outsiders might view the Tsar as a king, but even the Tsar himself would deny this.  The Frost Elves are neutral concerning the affairs of the world.  They do not care what becomes of the world as long as they are left alone.   Most of the world has forgotten about the Frost Elves and usually believe them to be a legend.  Very few of the Frost Elves have joined the Mages Klan or the Fighters Klan.  Those that have joined the Klans usually stay within their quarters in their Klan homes when visiting Klan Gorod and do not talk much with other Klan members let alone people outside of their Klan. 

Lost Elves: 

                The Lost Elves are a confused people.  They are known to search for their lost masters.  They are a wandering people who live on the sea in boats.  Lost Elves never leave their ships unless their business forces them to.  They provide opportunities for travel if the price is right and are excellent traders.  The Lost Elves do not purposely stay apart from the affairs of the world, but their strange search for their lost masters usually pushes people away from them.  Lost Elves have almost platinum blond hair from days and years spent in the sun and water.  Their skin is deeply tanned, but they retain the beauty of their race.  Their eyes are always light in color.  The Lost Elves usually travel in family groups on their ships and usually stay on the same ship their entire lives.  Expansion of families is the only reason that Lost Elves will move to a new ship.  Lost Elves have Mages and warriors among them, but they are always self trained.  Most believe this means that the Lost Elves are inferior, but experience and passing knowledge down through the generations has allowed the Lost Elves to have some of the most skilled manipulators of the Air and Water Elements.  They also have some very experience warriors, which provide protection for each family.  Little is truly known about the Lost Elves beyond their search for their masters and their family groupings.  Some believe there is nothing more to know about them. 

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