Friday, December 3, 2010

The Exile Book Description

I know I put this at the bottom of the blog, but I wanted to put it up again.  This is the description for book one, available on, as an e-book.

The Legacy of the Drevnik: The Exile (Book 1 of 4)

            In The Legacy of the Drevnik: The Exile Lan’Drin, a young Frost Elf, loses everyone he holds dear.  His Uncle, who is like a father to him, killed his parents.  His fiancé is killed by her father.  When his death is ordered Lan’Drin is forced to leave his home.  Only with the help of a dragon and some new friends can he find a way to take back his home.  As he tries to find answers to help make sense of his life and his losses, Lan’Drin finds out that the troubles of his people are only one part of the scheme of the mysterious mages called the Sovershenik.  Not all hope is lost, the powerful magic of the ancient Drevnik is found in an unlikely place.  Lan’Drin also learns that the history of his people, the Sovershenik, and the history of the long forgotten Drevnik are all important if he wants to help his people and put an end to the troubles that are engulfing the continent of Tselestial.

            The first book in the series, The Exile, follows Lan’Drin as he journeys to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to free his people.  After years of training Lan’Drin and his friends head to Klan Gorod to join the Fighters Klan and find allies in his fight against an ever growing threat.  Along the way enemies arise and plots become known that make Lan’Drin realize that he and his people are just a small part of the plan that has been unfolding for decades.  Behind it all seems to lurk the Sovershenik, powerful mages that rebelled, left the Drevnik, and disappeared into history thousands of years ago. 

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