Thursday, December 2, 2010

Journal Entry: Black Dragons

Black dragons are the largest of the three types of dragons, but they are also the slowest in the air and on the ground.  They have two horns on top of their heads and one on the top of their snouts.  The horn on their snout points straight up and the horns on their heads angle backward and curve downward in a circle until the tips point forward below their jaws.  They are the least intelligent of the dragons, but even a black dragon would be considered extremely intelligent when compared with other races.  Black dragons live alone except when mating. 

Black dragons are very selfish. The best example I can come up with to characterize a black dragon would be this example.  If someone were to come upon two black dragons who were trying to mate, neither dragon would defend the other.  Black dragons do not ever choose permanent mates, but will mate with as many different black dragons as they want.  These magnificent beasts prefer a hot desert climate to any other climate.  They also live in caves and caverns, further separating themselves from the outside world.  Black dragons are known to search out and hoard treasures and trophies.  By nature they are very arrogant and flattered easily, or for the right price.

Black dragons have a fire breath that can be expelled at will.  I would hope that I do not have to explain how deadly and or dangerous that can be.  A black dragon’s fire breath grows stronger and increases in heat as they mature.

My description of a black dragon may seem very self centered and greedy.  I am not saying this is wrong, but do not underestimate them.  Even though they are the least intelligent of the dragons, they are still very clever and wise.

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