Thursday, December 2, 2010

Journal Entry: Dragons

                I approach the subject of dragons with care.  I do so because of the hate that has been directed towards them for the role they played when my people controlled Tselestial.  Their role is a subject for another time, but I will try to give these magnificent creates the credit and respect they are due.  Dragons are an ancient race, perhaps the most ancient of all races.  They existed before the Drevnik gained power.  This may seem like it has no bearing on the matter, but the Drevnik were in power for many thousands of years.  I lack the words to sufficiently explain the experience and knowledge of the dragon race.  Suffice it to say that no one knows how long dragons have existed.

There are three species of dragon: black, white, and silver.  Each type of Dragon has a unique society and way of life.  Dragons are very intelligent, even the most ignorant dragon would be a genius by most race’s standards, and because of their long life spans (three to five thousand years) they are great sources of experience and knowledge.  Dragons can speak their own language, the ancient language used by my people, and the common language used by other races. 

Dragons range in size from about ten feet from shoulders to ground and a neck span of about fifteen feet (Silver dragons), to about twenty-five feet from shoulders to ground and a neck span of about thirty feet (White dragons), to about forty-five feet from shoulders to ground and a neck span of about fifty feet (Black Dragons).  The actual measurement varies depending upon each dragon, their maturity, and the sex of the dragon.  Silver dragons are about forty feet in length from head to tail and have the same length wingspan.  White dragons are about eighty feet from head to tail and have the same length wingspan.  Black dragons are about one hundred and thirty feet from head to tail and have the same length wingspan.  As with height, the exact length and wingspan depends on the dragon, how mature the dragon is, and the sex of the dragon.

Dragons have one scale color, with no difference in the color of the under belly, and the irises of their eyes match their scale color, with black slit-like pupils.  Most dragons also have horns, the same color as their scales, on top of their heads.   Silver Dragons also have horns on their tails, which are the same color as their scales.  Dragons use their claws, horns, jagged teeth and tails as weapons.  They also use their size to their advantage, whether it is small or large.  Dragons have four legs which they use to move and maneuver on the ground.  Each species of dragon also has, for lack of a better word, a type of breath weapon.  These will be discussed further as each type of dragon is explained and documented.

As I stated earlier, dragons have been hated by the people of Tselestial since the fall of the Drevnik because of their role in my people’s society.  Because of this dragons have gone into hiding, and are very aggressive when they are found.  A Dragon will usually kill first and ask questions later (this unspoken general rule is rarely ever broken by any kind of Dragon), especially when protecting themselves, mates, or family depending on which kind of Dragon it is.  Approach a dragon at your own risk. 

Sometimes dragons form some type of relationship with a person or people, but it is rare (especially with Black Dragons).  Dragons do not usually communicate with Dragons of another type.  It does happen, but there is usually a purpose to it and is not a normal occurrence.

I will now do my best to describe each type of dragon.  I hope whoever reads this understands that I have the utmost respect for each type of dragon.  They have shown me and my people great respect and I will try to return that respect as I describe them.

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Are you going to give more information or a description of who "Keh'Uldav" and his people, the Drevnik, are?