Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Journal Entry: Tundra Dwarves

                In this entry I will talk about the Tundra Dwarves.  Although this may be somewhat confusing, the Tundra Dwarves are the dwarves of Tselestial.  When the Drevnik began to lose power, I realized that because the dwarves held such a high place in the Drevnik society that they would either be ridiculed or be forced into some type of slavery.  I also saw that the Sovershenik wanted them as they left the continent and I saved the dwarves from being kidnapped by the Sovershenik.  I gave them a choice.  They could stay in the world or hide with me.  The Dwarves saw what was happening and decided to leave with me.  I told them that there would be a time when they were needed again by the world, but I felt at the time that they made the right choice.

I used the elements to alter the dwarves for their protection and to make them more suitable for their new environment.  The Tundra Dwarves are immune to cold and heat.  they also now have white skin and hair with silver eyes.  I gave them the name Tundra Dwarves, and they liked their new appearance and name.  The Tundra Dwarves remained their same height, three to four feet tall, and they kept the same incredibly strong physical build.  When the Tundra Dwarves were altered they learned to work more in tune with the elements, if that was possible, and make stronger weapons as well as better enchantments.  The Tundra Dwarves no longer give or sell their goods to the races of Tselestial, because they are in hiding they keep their goods to themselves, but they continue to craft things as it is one of the greatest sources of joy in their lives. 

                Tundra Dwarves are extremely loyal and trusting, but I told them they must remain hidden and trust no one but me and other Tundra Dwarves.  Tundra Dwarves are communal just as they were before I changed them.  Tundra Dwarves usually live for about one thousand years, which is a longer life span than before I altered them.

                Just as I honored the goodness of the dwarves, I honor the goodness of the Tundra Dwarves.  The dwarves I originally changed have long since passed into history, but I think they would be proud of their descendants.  They honor them and each other in all that they do.  I begin to feel that I have trapped these goodly beings.  They never complain, but I can see that while protecting them I have secluded them from a world they loved.  My only solace is that I feel the time for them to rejoin the world soon approaches.

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