Thursday, December 2, 2010

Journal Entry: White Dragons

White dragons are mid-sized compared to the other two types of Dragons. They are not as fast as silver dragons, but they are much faster than black dragons.  White dragons are the most intelligent of dragons.  White dragons have small horns, like spikes, that go across the ridges above their eyes almost like eyebrows.  These dragons also have two horns on either side of the crown of their heads that are straight and angled back. 

White dragons live in family groups and will only expand their group to allow a younger male white dragon’s mate into the grouping.  White dragons have one chosen mate at a time, but do not always choose a new mate if their mate dies.  White dragons are friendly and communicate with other groups of white dragons and will defend other groups, but their loyalty lies with their family group. 

If you were to characterize these dragons they would likely be characterized as neutral.  They are not necessarily good or evil.  The best way to describe them would be to say they watch and observe the world around them while staying apart.  They have strict laws between themselves.  White Dragons do not hoard treasures, but know the value of it and do collect treasure.  White Dragons prefer the frozen northern climates of the world of Mirr.  They most often live on the ground or up on high cliffs or mountains.

White dragons have a frost breath.  At will they can control the temperature of their breath, making it chilly to deathly cold.  The control of their frost breath increases as they mature.

The white dragons are the most difficult to deal with.  They are too intelligent to trick, and it is difficult to gain their assistance.  They are content with life.  However, I must note that when a white dragon aids you, the dragon will likely stay with you until one of you dies.  Once their trust is gained they are extremely loyal.  If you find yourself in this situation be aware that the other white dragons of the family grouping will likely not be pleased with you or your friend.  Be cautious.

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