Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Journal Entry: The Humans of Tselestial

                I struggle with what to describe next in this journal.  There is so much that I feel I must record.  I feel this urgency because history must be recorded, and because I feel my time growing short.  Fifteen thousand is no small number of years for a life, but the longer I live the more I understand that no being should live longer than his time.  Some secrets should die with me, but the peoples and species of this world should be recorded for future generations to know and learn from.  I feel like the humans of Tselestial should be my next entry.

                The humans of Tselestial are as varied as the land itself.  They range from light skinned to dark skinned and light haired to dark haired.  Humans, in general, tend to distrust what they do not know or understand.  While this may seem a harmful attitude or outlook they are in general a goodly race.  Humans do not generally live in the southern portions of Tselestial.  They have not adapted to and do not desire to live in the arid desert regions.  Except for the peculiar wanderers of the north, no other humans live in the frozen lands of the north.  Humans live in small communities and large cities in the central portion of the continent of Tselestial.

                The communities of the humans vary in size and how they govern themselves.  The eastern planes are dotted with small communities or villages that are largely self sufficient, but do occasionally trade with larger settlements and cities.  The western forest, known as the Grove of the Ancients, does not have any human inhabitants.  One particular city deserves mention, King’s Town.  King’s Town is seen by some as the gateway to the north.  It is second in size only to Klan Gorod.  The human Brauhn currently calls himself king of King’s Town’s inhabitants, which are almost completely humans.  Brauhn is currently seeking to expand his kingdom.  Strangely, this has caused other human settlements to band together.

                The wanderers of the north are in truth the largest group of humans, but their true numbers are known by very few outside of their community.  The only established city of the wanderers has no true name, but is called the city of the wanderer’s.  The inhabitants of the city are constantly changing as the people come and go as they please.  Each group has its own leadership, but all wanderers defer to the elders.  The elders are chosen by the people to make any decisions that impact the people as a whole.  The wanderers also have a type of leader.  I hesitate to use the word leader because the Wanderer, as he is called, is not a leader in the way most humans would think.  The Wanderer serves his people how he sees fit.  Any interaction with outsiders is done by the Wanderer.  The Wanderer also makes decisions within the city of the wanderer’s, where he resides permanently with the elders.  One fact that makes the leadership of the Wanderer unique from other human leaders is the fact that the elders can remove him from his position or overrule him.  Most humans would eliminate such a threat to their power, but the wanderers, in general, value their people above themselves.

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