Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Journal Entry: Borlas

            Borlas is a Frost Elf.  He is captain of the guard for the Tsar of the Frost Elves, Lanthas.  His life was based on good morals and good principles.  Borlas was not only captain of the guard but he became close friends with Lanthas and Drin, as well as Lan’Drin when he was a boy.  Borlas became a second father to Lan’Drin and tried to teach him the values that he and Lanthas treasured and abided by.  Borlas was a skilled warrior and was adept at training.  He trained the guard for the Tsar, as well as training Lan’Drin when he was old enough to learn how to fight. 

Borlas was one of the few in the world of Mirr that respected dragons and understood their great power and majesty.  Even though this view of the hated dragons was uncommon, Borlas took every opportunity to correct those who spoke ill of the magnificent beasts. 

I did not know Borlas personally before he died, but I spent a great deal of time watching him.  Although he may have been seen as all muscle, there was an intelligence to Borlas that was rarely seen.  Few people in this world can say they have a friend as loyal as Borlas.

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