Sunday, September 18, 2011

Journal Entry: Melthalas

            Melthalas is a Frost Elf, but when it comes to ambition he is just as greedy as a Chaos Elf.  Melthalas’ life revolves around the power he has, and how much control he has over his life and the lives of others.  He may not be the most intelligent being, but he is not stupid.  Melthalas has planned and plotted for a great many years, which in my mind makes him worthy of being watched.

            One of Melthalas’ faults is that he does not pay attention to details.  When he is given charge of any task, he focuses on whether or not he is being obeyed rather than on what is actually being accomplished.  This has lead to failures, which he readily blames on others not following his commands with exactness.

Melthalas is also easily swayed or distracted.  He easily falls for most forms of flattery.  Melthalas views himself as strong and born to rule.  While he may not be a particularly strong leader, anyone who believes it is their destiny to rule should be watched and considered a viable threat to those who have authority over them.

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