Monday, December 12, 2011

Journal Entry: Dorlas

            Dorlas is a Frost Elf, and he is Borlas’ older brother.  Dorlas never sought out attention or the lead, but his advice and opinions have always been sound and proven valuable when listened to.  Dorlas is a skilled warrior, but he also has the ability to read people from the shadows.

I have watched Dorlas, silently from the shadows just as he does, reading his fellow Frost Elves.  Dorlas could have used this knowledge for gain, but he chose to stay in the shadows and let his younger brother take the lead.  While this may seem odd, it is also fitting.  Often our heroes are those who are older or dead, that have performed great deeds.  In Dorlas’ case, his hero was his younger brother.  Borlas was the champion that Dorlas wanted to be, but never envied.  Few have been a truer brother than Dorlas.

Although he has hidden in the shadows, Dorlas has the potential to either be great or be the advisor to someone who is truly great.  I may not be there to see it, but someone as good hearted and loyal as Dorlas will find greatness one way or another.

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