Thursday, July 21, 2011

Journal Entry: Mallaga

                Mallaga is a Chaos Elf.  As I describe the people of my world that have played key roles in the current events, I hesitate to use the words evil and good.  In this case I will make an exception.  Mallaga is an evil woman.  Only the blindest of people don’t see her ambition.  What makes her dangerous is her ability to plan and execute her plans in the shadows.  Even the most watchful of adversaries has been unable to stay ahead of her or notice when she puts a plan into action.  A perfect example is her husband, Archus.  One can speculate about whether or not Archus saw his demise coming and so walked into Mallaga’s trap willingly, but we may never know.

                Mallaga is not a member of the Mage’s Klan, but she convinced her husband to teach her how to manipulate the Fire Element.  Since Archus’ demise she has continued her training in private and has become very skilled.  While this knowledge is important, one must never judge Mallaga by what is on the surface.  Mallaga always has schemes and plans.  Even her most trusted allies would do well to have escape plans.  I also think it is important to note here that Mallaga has a fascination with training hand selected Chaos Elves in various skills secretly.  She enjoys having these extra tools, but has an uncanny ability to know when and how to use them.  While this may make it appear that Mallaga hesitates to get her own hands dirty, don’t be fooled.  Don’t mistake the Empress of the Chaos Elves for a weakling, a fool, or someone who is afraid to do anything.

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