Friday, July 15, 2011

Journal Entry: Archus

                Archus is a Chaos Elf.  He was the emperor of his people and the High Mage of Fire until his demise.  On the surface, Archus appeared to be foolish and greedy.  His wife and children treated him as if he were sick of the mind, or an utter fool.  My observations from a far and over a few thousand years lead me to believe they might be the fools.  The only one of his family who saw bits and pieces of the true man beneath the layers of lies was his son Kaelus.  I believe that Archus saw his people for what they truly were, and the only way that he believed he could protect himself was by acting out what he felt they wanted to see, his wife included.  I also believe he felt he could better protect himself if his wife and children saw him as weak.

Again these are only my observations and I have no way of proving them now that he is dead.  Although, I must admit that in the back of my mind I wonder if he is yet again playing some elaborate game with his people and his family.  Regardless, Archus must be commended for staying in power as long as he did.  One thousand years is no small amount of time when you live among liars, thieves, power mongers, and assassins.  That in itself could possibly denote a true ruler of men and elves.  If only his abilities hadn’t been focused in such a greedy and power hungry direction, he might have truly been great.

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