Monday, August 15, 2011

Journal Entry: Malkius

            Malkius is a Chaos Elf, but this once you must not believe that he fits the Chaos Elf mold.  If Malkius got anything from his elven family it would be his brooding.  Beyond that, Malkius is nothing like his people.  Some may think he is a normal Chaos Elf, but that is in part due to the fact that he is the Master of Weapons.  As the Head of the Fighters Klan Malkius has felt that he must be two different people.  Those who truly know him understand him and know his kindness, goodness, hate of his elven family and all they stand for, and his drive to improve the world.  Those who only know him as the Master of Weapons see a hard, well disciplined, goal oriented machine.  That may not sound like a Chaos Elf, but when you have preconceived notions it is easy to fit those characteristics into the ruthless mold of a Chaos Elf if you don’t know any better.

            Malkius has always struggled to keep his personal life away from his position as Master of Weapons.  Because of this he spends as much time as he can away from Klan Gorod.  His time away is restricted by his requirement to be in his Klan Home for certain periods of time, or he would lose his title. 

It may appear that I do not give much information about Malkius, but that is because I am not one of those whom he calls friend.  Malkius is very adept at hiding information from those he does not wish to find it.  I believe that I am one of the few who knows where he goes and what he does, despite the fact that I do not know him well personally.  If I were to leave my seclusion and secrecy and reveal myself to the world, I believe my strongest ally would be Malkius because he and I fight for the same cause.  What better compliment could I pay him than to say we hold the same ideals and goals?

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