Sunday, August 7, 2011

Journal Entry: Kaelus

            Kaelus is a Chaos Elf and he is Magius’ twin brother.  As I stated when I wrote about Magius, Kaelus is a member of the Fighter’s Klan.  While his family and elven family do not have much respect for any type of warrior, I must say that Kaelus is very good at what he does.  Perhaps a driving factor in his physical excellence and skill with almost any weapon are the distaste and lack of respect he was always shown by his own people.  Whatever the case may be, I only know of one person more skilled with weapons and more physically disciplined than Kaelus, and that is Malkius.  Malkius is the Master of Weapons, the Head of the Fighter’s Klan.

            Chaos Elves as a general rule are greedy and selfish.  Kaelus is somewhat of an oddity among his own kind.  These traits are present in him, but not to the normal extent.  Kaelus has many of the attributes of a good leader.  Among any other people this would be a good thing.  His mother and brother seem to latch on to some of these characteristics to use against him.  Mallaga and Magius dispose of anyone who is no longer useful to them and have even been known to kill on a whim.  While Mallaga and Magius use this knowledge to rule by fear, Kaelus does not.  He has been known to kill some of his fellow Chaos Elves, but not without reason.  This ability to stay his hand when killing is not necessary has earned him a sort of respect among his people. 

Kaelus truly is an oddity among his people.  A Chaos Elf would never be called just or fair, but I would be tempted at times to call Kaelus both.  Sometimes I wonder what he must think of his own people, but at other times he seems to fit in perfectly with the blackened souls that call themselves Chaos Elves.

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