Friday, January 7, 2011

Journal Entry: Klan Gorod, The Klan Council, and the Klan Watch

                In this entry I will go more into detail about the Klans in General.  They have become an important part of society on this continent.  They have fulfilled the role that I hoped they would take up when I formed them.  Klan Gorod is the central power of the Klans of Tselestial.  The Klans have members spread throughout the lands and cities, but the business of the Klans is usually done in Klan Gorod.  Klan Gorod itself is ruled by the Klan Council, and patrolled by the Klan Watch.

The Klan Council is made up of the legitimate and recognized Klan Heads.  The Fighters Klan, Mages Klan, and Blacksmiths Klan are the three major Klans, but they are not the only Klans that exist.  Giving a list of all of the Klans would take too much time, but it should be known that there are Klans that cover all of the basic functions of society.  There are even Klans that cover functions that society does not like to acknowledge, but as I said I don’t have the time to go in to great detail about the Klans.  The Klan Council is the ruling body of Klan Gorod and makes all decisions for the Klans as a whole.  The Klan Council is also in charge of the Klan watch which polices the continent and Klan Gorod.  They police the continent to prevent Klan laws being broken, to prevent people falsely claiming to be a member of a Klan, and can also be hired out for large sums of money.  The Klan Watch only has power outside of Klan Gorod to deal with Klan members or those falsely claiming to be Klan members.  Although most governments and kingdoms will not interfere with the Klan Council or Klan Watch and their decisions because of their power, their fairness, and their lack of desire to control anything beyond the Klans.

The Klan Watch consists of the proficient and higher ranking members of the Klans.  That means Master Blacksmiths serve from the Blacksmiths Klan, Mages serve from the Mages Klan, and Weapon Masters serve from the Fighters Klan.  The Master Blacksmiths provide the needed goods, arms, and armor, the Mages provide magical support as well as enchanting, and the Fighters Klan provides the soldiers.  Other Klans provide the goods or services they specialize in and as called upon by the Klan Council.  Everything concerning the Klan Watch is decided by the Klan Council.  The funds generated by the Klan Watch are divided between the Klans.  Klan Gorod is not governed by any kingdom or power other than the Klan Council.

The Klans generally tend to stay out of the affairs of other cities and rulers, but they watch carefully to ensure that each Klan and its members are allowed to rule themselves as they see fit.  If the rights of a Klan or Klan member are violated part of the Klan Watch can be dispatched, or if they are present any three Klan Heads can make any decree that is considered law for all Klans.  This rarely happens, but it does occur.

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