Saturday, January 15, 2011

Journal Entry: The Fighters Klan

                I feel a need to go into more detail about the Klans.  They are an integral part of Klan Gorod, the Klan watch, and the Klan Council, but each Klan has its own unique rules and way of governing itself.  I will begin my entries of the three Klans with the Fighters Klan.  The Fighters Klan is one of the main three Klans and the Master of Weapons is the Klan Head.  Like other Klans it is governed from Klan Gorod.  The Fighters Klan is a place for warriors and fighters to come together.  The Fighters Klan does not require warriors and fighters to join it, but they exact strict punishment from those who falsely pretend to be a member of the Klan. 

In order to enter the Klan a petitioner must win two of three non-lethal combat against another petitioner.  The Fighters Klan has levels of seniority and rank within it that keep order.  These different ranks grant authority and order in the Klan home and throughout Tselestial.  Each rank wears a certain color of belt and belt buckle depending upon that members rank.  Beyond that a member of the Klan may wear whatever attire they wish.  The only exception is when a member of the Fighters Klan is fulfilling their duty in the Klan Watch.  Klan members may contract out their services to anyone if it is approved by a Weapons Master or the Master of Weapons.  A portion of the contract money must go to the Klan.  The Master of Weapons may overrule permission to complete a contract if he feels it should not be taken.

The entry level rank is that of Apprentice.  An Apprentice wears a white belt with a belt buckle that has a flexing arm on it.  Each Apprentice comes to the Klan with a different skill set and varying capabilities.  An Apprentice is tasked with learning about the Klan and learning about the various styles and types of weapons.  In order for an Apprentice to advance to the next rank must beat a Journeyman in non-lethal combat two out of three times.  The Apprentice may use any weapon he or she wants to.  The advancement is judged by three Weapons Masters or the Master of Weapons.

The next rank is Journeyman.  A Journeyman wears a grey belt with a belt buckle that has two arms flexing on it.  The Journeyman has already chosen a weapon that they will master as part of their requirement to advance to the next rank.  In order to advance the Journeyman was beat a Weapon Master of the same chosen weapon two out of three times in non-lethal combat.  Once again, the advancement is presided over by three Weapons Masters or the Master of Weapons.

The next rank is Weapon Master.  A Weapon Master has a chosen weapon that they have not only learned to use, but they have mastered that weapon.  The Weapon Master has a blue belt and their belt buckle has their chosen weapon on it.  To advance to the rank of Weapons Master and Weapon Master must defeat three different Weapons Masters.  Each Weapons Master will choose which weapon or weapons will be used.  The Weapons Master can choose to fight the Weapon master in non-lethal combat, or they can set a task that must be completed with the weapon they have chosen.  Three Weapons Masters and the Master of Weapons preside over the advancement to the rank of Weapons Master.  For this advancement the vote of the Master of Weapons counts as two votes and the vote of a Weapons Master counts as one vote.  If the Master of Weapons is not present advancement to the rank of Weapons Master is not permitted.

The Master of Weapons is the final rank of the Fighters Klan.  There can only be one Master of Weapons.  The Master of Weapons wears a black belt and his or her belt buckle is a shield with two swords crossed behind it.  In order to advance to the rank of Master of Weapons a Weapons Master must put forth their challenge in Klan Gorod so that all available members know about the challenge and may attend it.  Once the challenge has been made either combatant may request that the challenge is to the death.  All members of the Klan in Klan Gorod then vote whether or not they feel it should be to the death.  The majority makes the decision.  If the combat is not to the death the combat is over when one of the combatants feints or falls and does not get back up.  If one of the combatants kills their opponent during non-lethal combat they are sentenced to death.  The sentence is to be carried out immediately.

There is only one restriction on the Master of Weapons.  He or she must not be absent from Klan Gorod for more than six years.  If the Master of Weapons is gone for six years his rank is forfeit and the Klan must choose a new Master of Weapons.  Each member of the Klan that feels he is worthy puts his name forward and a competition begins.  The new Master of Weapons is the winner of the tournament style competition.  The current Master of Weapons is Malkius, a Chaos Elf.

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